In an industry that is usually seen as male-dominated, it is rare to find influential women in the digital market. However, the digital industry demands that we continuously innovate in a fast-paced world so will having a male leader dominated industry allow us to keep innovating without the collaboration and diversity of thought that women bring?

Globally, we have role models like Marissa Mayer, Mary Meeker, and Angela Ahrendts, but who do we have in Indonesia? To answer this question Recap, along with Digitaraya, an Indonesia digital startup ecosystem developer, and the support of Detiknet, worked together to curate a list of women who we felt have made a significant contribution to the Digital Industry here in Indonesia.

These women are young, empowered, and visionary; they possess an unparalleled passion to promote Indonesia’s name to the world through digital technology. They consist of community leaders, mentors, investors and other women who are at the top of the chain in their respective communities.

In remembering Kartini day, and also appreciating the sacrifice that she made, we want to continuously identify and celebrate women like them to inspire everyone to do better, every day.

Metha Trisnawati


A business and management graduate of the University of Manchester, Metha Trisnawati is the co-founder and CEO of Sayurbox. Operating in the agriculture industry, Sayurbox connects vegetable farmers with consumers without any middlemen. This improves the income received by farmers and also reduces the cost for consumers.

So far, they have over 9,000 regular customers and at least 22 partner-farmers. Even more, is the fact that 80% of her Sayurbox team is female and love farming. Last year, Sayurbox won “Seedstars World: Jakarta 2017”.

Leonika Sari


A graduate of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya in System Information, Leonika wants to ensure that no one in Indonesia who needs blood, will want for it. With this in mind, she has built Reblood, an application that helps society find the nearest blood donation drive. Leo is also an advocate for healthy living to the youth, and encouraging blood donation as a way of life.

Her passion has ignited the fire in women around her and previously been picked in the Tempo Top 16 Startup selection, and the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia in 2016. Since inception, her application has already been downloaded over 10,000 times.

Mesty Ariotedjo


As a medical doctor, she kept on discovering patients who had difficulty accessing her for treatment. With this understanding, Mesty Ariotedjo founded, an online crowdfunding platform for patients in remote areas.

She is determined to grow her impact beyond individual healing and wants to improve the healthcare system that already exists, for the better. It’s no surprise then that Forbes had recognized her earlier as an inspirational youth.

She doesn’t see herself as just a doctor, but a changemaker for the healthcare system. It’s no surprise that Forbes had recognized her previously as an inspirational member of Indonesia’s youth.

Tety Sianipar


Being disabled should not mean being unemployed. Concerned about the disabled who have difficulty in looking for jobs despite possessing the right skillsets, Tety founded Kerjabilitas, a social media career and job vacancy platform specifically for the disabled.

Kerjabilitas was selected to join the 2016 Google Launchpad Accelerator as well as the Jolkona Catalyst program in Seattle.

Dayu Dara


As one of the founders of Go-Life, Dayu Dara believes in “on-demand as a lifestyle”. Dayu especially sees Go-Clean, Go-Glam, and Go-Massage the key verticals in the on-demand lifestyle and sees Go-Jek as an app the urban youth cannot live without. As a woman, Dayu has not stopped learning and gives her utmost in everything she does, with a mantra that giving it all is the key to success in building a better career.

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This is proven with her efforts in building Go-Life. Within a month she had 5,000 business partners on the platform, with a continuous growth of 30-40 percent per month. In 2017, she was recognized in Forbes Indonesia’s 10 most inspiring women.

Azaela Ayuningtias


After learning about the serious malnutrition issues faced by women and children in Flores Azalea left the comforts of Boston to build a startup there with 6 of her friends. Using palm leaves and traditional weaving techniques, today Du’Anyam produces handbags, shoes and many different wearables.

All this hard work has paid off with recognition at MIT Global Ideas Challenge 2014, UnLtd Indonesia Incubation Program 2014-2016, Global Social Venture Competition 2015 and a grant from the Tanoto Foundation.

Du’Anyam hasn’t stopped there – they continue until today to spread their wings to find more opportunities out there.

Ellen Nio


An avid gamer and computer enthusiast from a young age, Ellen Nio joined the Universitas Pelita Harapan’s informatics degree course in 2010. Later, she was awarded a scholarship by the Global IT Scholarship Korea to further her studies at Kyungsung University.

She started her career in early 2016, where she had the opportunity to coordinate the Jakarta Smart City project. Today, Ellen leads Patamar Capital’s initiative to invest in women-led startups here in Indonesia. At this time, Patamar has already invested in Sayurbox,, Ladang Lima, and Hello Sunshine.

Putry Yuli


Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kostoom, Putry Yuli was moved by the reality of living as a tailor in today’s digital era. Born from a mother who was a tailor herself, Putry has a deep empathy for the challenges of a home tailor’s actual livelihood. With Kostoom, Putry intends to have an impact where tailors are empowered and not limited by neither lack of funds nor lack of knowledge.

Kostoom was the winner of “Seedstars World Jakarta 2016”, as well as runner-up at Spica Runway. In addition, she has been to South by South West (SXSW) 2017 and has been in the Startup 100 in Istanbul previously.

Crystal Widjaja


An enigma at 26, Crystal strolled into the male-dominated business intelligence domain with aplomb. A genius in mind and in heart, she has been able to overcome different challenges and situations in the field. Her data wizardry is one of the key factors Go Jek has been able to become one of the fastest growing services that we know in 50 cities. Beyond that, her standard and ability to work with the other divisions has made the position of Go Jek almost unassailable for the community.

Educated at UC Berkeley in California in Politics and Government with a focus on Empirical Method, she has cut her teeth on startups while at Rutberg & Company, where she worked with a number of startups.

Anne Regina


“Wanita juga bisa menjadi seorang IT profesional, bukan hanya laki-laki.” (Translate: The role of “IT professional” isn’t just for men)

With a background in IT education, Anne Regina works hard to build Female Geek, an  IT community for women. Her day job is as one of the engineering managers at Bukalapak.

As an engineering manager, she has a hope that she can empower small and medium businesses from all across Indonesia as well as crush the stereotypes, showing Indonesia that women are just as good at producing solutions and have the strength in their fields.

Vina Zerlina


As a former UX Designer at, Vina decided that it was best to come home to Indonesia to make a difference.

She has no regrets leaving the comforts of working for one of the giants of the e-commerce world and chose to do so to contribute and develop the startup community in Indonesia as well as the developments of products here. Her dream is that Indonesia as a country will become a global startup ecosystem.

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Alyssa Maharani


With an educational background in the Wharton School, Alyssa played a major role in helping startups globally as one of the Launchpad Accelerator Startup Success Managers in Google. Today, she is the Head of Startup Success at Digitaraya.  Her major plans this year include building a global-standard incubation program for startups that have developed beyond their MVP stage, providing them with funding as well as mentoring. She also has a plan to write about the Indonesian startup ecosystem.

Alyssa believes that becoming a startup founder is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Therefore, the private sector, the non-profits, and the government must all work together to support the innovators and the entrepreneurs. The impact of this will be seen in new fields of work in the future.

Dina Dellyana


Dina, better known as a member of the indie electronic band HMGNC in Indonesia, is actually a lecturer in the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), and more importantly is the director of the incubation and business for ITB. As a musician, her empathy makes her see undergraduates as friends rather than students.

She has proven that a woman would be able to do whatever they aspire to be. She has a hope that entrepreneurship and creativity will continue to spread from her students to their surroundings. Aside from her day job, she is also a serial entrepreneur herself, having started and her own independent pharmacy.

Dina Kosasih


Originating from a challenge to think of something to do with an empty location, Dina and her brother Danny looked for a sustainable business moving forward. After some research, they discovered the Maker Movement which was popular in Singapore where people built Do-It-Yourself products from recycled materials.

That’s when they came up with MakeDonia, a collaboration platform for the hobbyists and lovers of DIY products. After it’s inception, Dina brought together many different communities to create something, and Dina found a big problem where Indonesia’s ecosystem for innovation is still sub-par. So she’s now added education and capacity building to her goals with MakeDonia.

Cindy Lailani


Cindy admits she started with no knowledge of the co-working and startup worlds, and prior to her current role, she was actually offered a position in public relations at a 5-star hotel.

As the community and space manager at Clapham, Cindy had a revelation that she’s always wanted to do something for the city of Medan and this changed her vision to always give her all for the members of her community. In July 2017, she was chosen for the international visitor leadership program from the US Embassy that focuses on entrepreneurship incubators.

Ken Ratri


Failure (and success) are not strangers to Ken Ratri, having quite a number of startups to her name including the Don Company, CosMo (Custom Mosaic), and a clothing line branded Drama Queen; followed by and one of the co-founders of a startup incubator from Denmark that resides in Bali.

Ken, however, makes failure her stepping stones to success. She has finally found major success through her founding of GeekHunter, a startup that matches IT talent and programmers with businesses that need them. At this point in time, GeekHunter has more than 18 thousand programmers of note in their database.

Geraldine Oetama


Geraldine Oetama is a Partner at Skystar Ventures, a startup incubator under the auspices of the Kompas Gramedia group. For her, the biggest challenge in building a startup ecosystem is the lack of entrepreneurs, as Indonesia only has 2% of the workforce in entrepreneurship.

Under her guidance, Skystar Ventures is focused on providing potential entrepreneurs with training, a place to work as well as mentoring. Among awards that she has personally received include the ICSB Presidential Award in 2017. Skystars has also won best incubator in the Accelerate Network in 2016. The Skystar Ventures portfolio also is not limited to Indonesian startups such as Adskom and Bridestory but they’ve also invested into Carro, Coffee meets Bagel, Ekrut, etobee and Grab.

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Stephanie Yoe


Stephanie has had her share of challenges and misfortunes in the startup world. Having built Jakarta City Life, Appstrak, as well becoming an Intrapreneur at, she has accumulated a lot of experience.

Her role in Fenox as a Venture Partner is extremely pivotal in accelerating the pace of youth who are interested to start dabbling in the startup world. Fenox is currently aggressively pursuing founders across Indonesia, particularly those who they consider amazing and disruptive.

Gita Savitri


Gita admits that she started off dabbling in social media simply because she wanted to open up the minds of the youth in Indonesia. She believes the youth of today do not think far enough and are fixated by the micro moment and materialistic world.

In 2017, Gita was the only Indonesian female YouTuber to join the YouTube Creator for Change program, which helps combat hate speech, xenophobia, extremism and promotes positive content. Gita is also writing a book “Rentang Kisah” (range of stories). Right now, Gita is wrapping up her Masters in Germany, and still continues to inspire youth across Germany with content on her YouTube and Instagram programs.

Monica Carolina


Gaming is usually associated with men, but this woman beats all those stereotypes. With a huge swath of accolades from eSports tournaments both across Indonesia as well as internationally. Monica Carolina, or more famously known as Nixia, is a breakthrough for women everywhere. Gaming since 2008, she religiously participates in tournaments both locally in Indonesia as well as Internationally.

Aside from gaming, she loves to discuss gadgets on her blogs and moderates game forums. This brought the birth of NixiaGamer, her site focused on the journey she had so far as a woman gamer. She also founded NXA Ladies.

NXA Ladies, her gaming team consisting solely of women, focuses on three of the most popular games in the world – Overwatch, Counter Strike, and Mobile Legends. They also participated in AOV in October 2017.

Winner of Guitar Hero Jakarta 2009, she qualified for the World Cyber Games that year. In addition to that, she has many eSports accolades to her name, including COD4 at the Indonesia Games Festival 2012 and getting past the fourth round at Battlefield 3 GamersPlatoon Asia-Europe Tournament.

Diajeng Lestari is a Universitas Indonesia graduate in Social and Political studies. While studying, she took change management, which in turn, gave her the insight to start Hijup. Her goal has always been something impactful for society. As CEO of Hijup, Diajeng has proven that Hijup can be a platform for hundreds of local Indonesian Brands. This has empowered thousands of local entrepreneurs who can, through Hijup, sell now both locally and more importantly, outside Indonesia.

Diajeng Lestari


Diajeng sees fashion not as a beauty contest but an insight into the character, aspirations and inspirations of a person. Islamic fashion adds spiritual maturity and inner beauty to this. In addition to making Hijup the biggest Islamic Fashion e-Commerce platform, Diajeng herself is listed as part of the “Islamica 500”, where she is listed as one of the business leaders who shape the Islamic economy and markets.

Young, empowered and visionary. These are the precise characteristics that the 21 Indonesian women shaping our digital industry have. And we look forward to more of them in the near future.

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