In an event titled “Indonesia All Around You” on Friday (28/7),  GDG Jakarta and  TelusuRI  introduced a new way to unravel the charm of Indonesia through  virtual reality  (VR).

Attended by technology and tourism activists, including Anto Motulz (Creative Advisor Kreavi), Ivan Chen (CEO Anantarupa), Ketut (Kok Can Channel), Sami Kizilbash (Southeast Asia Developer Relations), Syukron (TelusuRI), Wahyu Widhi (Founder Landscape Indonesia), Utomo Widyasa (DCImaji Co-Founder), and Yudhie Fardani (DCImaji Producer), these talks are trying to collaborate technology, especially VR, with the world of tourism so that in the future Indonesian tourism industry can be more developed.

“Virtual reality is the technology of the future,” says Sami Kizilbash. “Everywhere in the galaxy we can feel, enjoy, and explore from our own room without moving.”

To feel an authentic migration experience, now humans have no need to step in. All you need to do is to install the tool in such a way. With the sensors owned by VR, a person who lives in the house only can feel what those who are really setting foot in places like mountains. Because, not everyone has the opportunity to set foot on the mountain.

Collaborate To Create Virtual Reality Content

In a panel discussion session, Wahyu Widhi, founder of Landscape Indonesia and the author of a mountain climbing book entitled “Merbabu, Ascent of Star-studded,” reveals that he originally wanted to create a VR 360 Merbabu instead of a photo book.

“No one has documented it yet (Mount Merbabu) using VR. So we (go) there and  make it happen, “said Wahyu Widhi. But apparently the photos produced by Widhi during the climb are worth to be collected in a photo book. “So why do not we also document this trip through books and photos.”

In this event visitors can also do a tour of Mount Merbabu VR climbing done by Wahyu Widhi in 2015 ago.

Virtual reality contents can be created using action cameras like  GoPro  or other simpler cameras although the results will be less detailed. But these deficiencies can still be covered because virtual reality content will go through the editing process in the software.

Now, everyone can create their own virtual reality content. Google accommodates that by launching VR @Google. “VR @Google, is an online museum   that provides a special experience to everyone. There everyone can make Google  carbon itself according to his wishes, because Google explains all the way on the  website  so it makes it easy for all the people who want to create their  work via VR, “explained Sami Kizilbash.

Disclosure of information is already beginning to uncover the potentials of Indonesian tourism. Through increasingly sophisticated devices, everyone is free to share stories, photos and videos through various media, from print, online, to new media such as social media. The previously unknown destinations are now crowded. Newer technologies such as virtual reality and collaboration to create and disseminate content will accelerate the growth of the Indonesian tourism industry. (FA)


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Originally posted on TelusuRI